The Patrón Spirits Company

Gershoni branded Patrón, developing a brand strategy, interactive, experience and sales tools, influencer programs and sponsorship experiences.
A donkey stands in an agave field.
Booklet opened to a page that reads, "It takes 60 hands to make 1 bottle of the world's finest ultra-premium tequila."
A factory worker in the Patrón bottle manufactory.
3 Patón bottles superimposed over a light grey background. The flavors are Silver, Reposado and Añejo.
Four cocktails staged in front of a Patrón cocktail cookbook.
Behind-the-scenes shot of a chef being filmed as he prepares a cocktail using Patrón.
A chef in a white apron makes a cocktail using Patrón tequila.
Mock-up of a computer, tablet and cellphone opened to the Patrón website.