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The Laura Chenel logo. There is an illustration of a goat and a red stamp that reads, "Original chef's choice."
Laura Chenel

Laura Chenel crafts more than 40 award-winning goat cheese and goat milk products for commercial and home kitchens across the United States.

Gershoni reconnected Laura Chenel to its Sonoma roots, bringing a 40-year-old brand into the present so even its aged goat cheese looked fresh.
Laura Chenel's brand guidelines, including guidelines for packaging, messaging, color, and logo usage.
Laura Chenel

A favorite of Alice Waters, Laura Chenel helped popularize goat cheese in America.

After its sale to a family-owned French company specializing in boutique creameries, the brand needed to reconnect with its legacy of farm-to-table quality among restaurateurs and home cooks alike.

Overhead shot of a person assembling a bagel using Laura Chenel spreadable goat cheese.
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Overhead shot of a person cutting a Laura Chenel goat cheese log into discs.
Laura Chenel

Gershoni reestablished the brand’s connections to its Sonoma roots, uplifting Waters’ role as an early brand champion as part of a repositioning as the original chef’s goat cheese.

With messaging that highlighted Laura Chenel’s versatility as fine dining fare and the star of a home-cooked recipe, we wove its signature blend of quality, consistency and taste through a flexible packaging system, a slate of fresh product and lifestyle photography and a website built to grow with the brand.

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07 Laura Chenel Case Study iPad Video Poster
Four people prepare to sit down for a meal. Between them is a cheeseboard with goat cheese and figs.
Overhead shot of four people eating a meal of prosciutto, pizza, and Laura Chenel cheese.


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