Dear Dyslexia - The Postcard Project
Showcasing the diversity of the dyslexic experience throughout the world
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About the Project

Dear Dyslexia invites dyslexics of all ages — from students to professionals — to depict their relationship with dyslexia on postcards using words and images.

The goal is to activate a global community around the unique strengths and perspectives that dyslexia offers — what we call “hyper-abilities.”

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We’re honored to receive contributions from a number of prominent dyslexics — authors, athletes, scientists and artists, to name just a few.

As ambassadors, they prove the power of dyslexic ingenuity, and their work serves as an example of the “hyper-abilities” that dyslexia makes possible.

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From San Francisco to Washington, D.C. and beyond, Dear Dyslexia is traveling the country celebrating the power of the dyslexic mindset.

Everywhere we go, we’re moved by the support the dyslexic community has shown for this project.

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What began as a simple outreach during Dyslexia Awareness Month now comprises more than 2,000 postcards — and counting! — from across the U.S. and as far off as the U.K., Netherlands and Ghana.

Some came from students just beginning to embrace their hyper-ability. Others arrived from established (and, in some cases, quite famous) professionals who have achieved success by any measure.

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