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Qona Rankin and Marcia Brissett-Bailey

Tune in Thursday, Oct. 29 at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST for an urgent conversation on the intersections of dyslexia, education and inclusion. In this live virtual salon, host Gil Gershoni (Gershoni Creative) talks dyslexia and diversity with Qona Rankin (Royal College of Art), Marcia Brissett-Bailey (Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association) and Kate Power & Kathy Iwanczak Forsyth (Amazing Dyslexic).

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About The Bigger Picture with Amazing Dyslexics

Dyslexics of every age and profession often self-identify as big-picture thinkers. But what does it mean to “think big” and how does it manifest in different fields? How can we all—dyslexics and non-dyslexics alike—channel that perspective to create, innovate and lead with curiosity?

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The Bigger Picture Ep 3

Episode 3: Speaker Lineup
Gil Gershoni

Creative Director & Founder, Gershoni Creative

Qona Rankin

Dyslexia Coordinator, Royal College of Art

Marcia Brissett-Bailey

Trustee, Waltham Forest Dyslexia Association

Kate Power + Kathy Forsyth

Co-Authors, "Amazing Dyslexics"

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The Bigger Picture Episode 2

Episode 2

Re-watch the Oct. 15 virtual salon to hear from inventors and marketers who challenge existing ideas to make room for new ones.

Episode 2: Speaker Lineup
Gil Gershoni

Creative Director & Founder, Gershoni Creative

Tom Pellereau


Steven “Woody” Woodgate

Marketing Leader

Kate Power + Kathy Forsyth

Co-Authors, "Amazing Dyslexics"

Episode 1

Re-watch the Oct. 6 virtual salon to hear from icons in the fields of tech, dance, medicine, cognitive research, advertising and design who harness their dyslexia to create, innovate and lead in fresh, new ways.

Episode 1: Speaker Lineup
Charlotte Edmonds

Choreographer, The Royal Ballet

Lloyd Everitt


Gil Gershoni

Creative Director & Founder, Gershoni Creative

Pip Jamieson

Tech Entrepreneur & Founder, The Dots. Creator Network

James Kinross

Consultant Surgeon & Senior Lecturer in Colorectal Surgery

Kate Power + Kathy Forsyth

Co-Authors, "Amazing Dyslexics"

Ab Rogers

Designer & Creative Director, Ab Rogers Design

Helen Taylor

Academic & Researcher, University of Cambridge

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“The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics and the Jobs They Do”
By Kate Power and Kathy Iwanczak Forsyth, who hope to inspire their dyslexic children

A compilation of colourful conversations amongst creative, motivated and successful people who are brilliant at what they do, and who achieve incredible things because of their dyslexia.

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About Dyslexic Design Thinking

About Dyslexic Design Thinking

Discover how dyslexia can be a hyper-ability that influences the way we think, create and relate to one another.

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