Gershoni transformed Lincoln Child Center into Lincoln, enhancing its 150-year commitment to children and families with an identity for the future.
Lincoln Child Center logo. It is a yellow and blue heart with blue lettering.
A child uses a bubble wand to blow a large bubble. At the top, it reads, "Empowering children and families to build strong futures since 1883."
Overhead shot of various assets created for Lincoln, including a pamphlet, business cards, letterhead and buttons.
3 shots of the Lincoln pamphlet. In the middle, there is a space for a business card and information about their programs.
Mock-up of a computer and a cellphone opened to Lincoln's website.
Collage of children and adults posing and smiling. Each photo is cut into the shape of a geometric heart.

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Pier 70 : Transforming the waterfront

Transforming the waterfront

Diptych of two photographs of Pier 70. On the left, the building is old and dilapidated; on the right, it's been revitalized.
AIGA : Leading design into the future

Leading design into the future

Two rows of people facing each other speak animatedly. The AIGA board retreat logo is superimposed over the photo.
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