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3 sets of hands tape a mood board together.
Deloitte Business Chemistry

Deloitte Greenhouse is the innovation arm of the global professional services company.

Sketches for the Deloitte Business Chemistry logo.
Deloitte Business Chemistry

Deloitte engaged Gershoni to re-envision Business Chemistry, the high-profile diagnostic system used to build stronger working relationships, increase team performance and nurture exceptional organizations.

Rows of the Business Chemistry field guide being printed.
04 Gershoni CaseStudy Deloitte Business Chemistry Map Mobile Alt
04 Gershoni CaseStudy Deloitte Business Chemistry Map Video Poster
Business Chemistry field guide opened to a chart explaining the four work styles.
Deloitte Business Chemistry

Armed with 10 years of deep behavioral science research, Gershoni crafted an eye-catching visual identity system that connected their global audience of executives through a common language.

With a series of tactile print collateral and clever web experiences that presented the research and data in functional and covetable ways, we built out a brand platform that put human interaction at the heart of hard science. In partnership, we transformed a foundational product in Deloitte’s service suite into a fun and functional tool that reignited love for the program company-wide—and later graced the cover of a best-selling book on the same subject.

A person holds a tablet opened to the Business Chemistry quiz. The screen reads, "I often give gifts spontaneously."
Mock-up of a phone, computer and a tablet opened to the Deloitte Business Chemistry website.


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