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Brown dog licks a blonde, tattooed woman on the ear. White Antech logo is in the lower left corner.
Gershoni Case Study Antech Logo Mobile Alt
02 Case Study Antech Video Preview Logo Animation

A division of Mars, Antech is a $260M veterinary diagnostics and imaging company developing top-of-the-line pet healthcare innovations.

A blonde, white woman holds a copy of Antech's brand guidelines. It is a white booklet with purple lettering.
Page from Antech's brand guidelines explaining the brand's new color palette.
A woman looks at Antech's brand guidelines. The booklet is opened to a purple page explaining Antech's visual rebrand.
A light-skinned person holds up Antech's brand guidelines, opened to the page detailing the brand's family of services.
Overhead shot of the "Why Antech" pamphlet. The pages are colorful, and all have photos of humans holding animals.

Everyone in the veterinary industry knows Antech, but not everyone knows the depth and breadth of what they do.

We developed a brand system that unites each of Antech’s product and service divisions under one roof, bringing it all to life with a fresh website, a suite of informative digital collateral, a service directory and test guide, and an award-winning tradeshow experience that extends the brand to new and existing customers.​​​​​​​

A couple walks a small white dog in front of a series of posters advertising Antech's services.
Two white binders. The one on the left reads "service directory" and has a photo of a cat on the front; the other is a list of diagnostic tests.
A light-skinned hand holds a purple Antech tote bag that reads, "Every pet deserves a healthy future."
11 Gershoni Case Study Antech Tradeshow Mobile Alt
11 Gershoni Case Study Antech Tradeshow Video Poster
A crowd of people walks beneath a large Antech billboard that reads "Committed to veterinary success."
Antech's tradeshow booth at the Veterinary Expo, 2020. The booth is purple and has a large flat screen.

Qualitatively, they’ve hugely impacted and precipitated our success. They’re an incredibly professional and well-run organization that’s small enough to be flexible with my needs. Yet, they’ve brought a creative powerhouse to the table.”

Jennifer Klein
Antech vice president, marketing
14 Antech Case Study Home Dskt Mobile Alt
Antech Case Study Home Dskt Video Poster 091620
Mock-up of 8 cell phones opened to Antech's mobile website.
16 Antech Case Study Mobile Animation Alt
16 Antech Case Study Mobile Animation Video Poster


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