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Bring the Dome Home

If you’re a frequent visitor to our studio, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard the same song twice.

That’s because we have a lot of very passionate (and musically adventurous) team members vying for control of the house speakers.

Inspired by our work with Spotify, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tracks into a series we call Quarantunes. Each playlist connects with a mood or style that’s helping us bridge the physical distance that’s temporarily separating us. Blast one on your next Zoom happy hour—if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine you’re in the Dome.

Quarantunes, Vol. 6: It’s Only Temporary

It’s Only Temporary is a musical antidote to a life on repeat. Curated by our creative strategist/crate digger Jack, the collection—featuring an eclectic mix of soul, jazz, garage rock, blues, funk, dance, indie and psych rock—is designed never to stay in one place too long: an aspirational message in these stationary times.

Moby • Erykah Badu • Destroyer • Grace Jones • Pet Shop Boys • Billie Eilish • Fatboy Slim • Herbie Hancock • Rolando Faria • Blackalicious

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Quarantunes, Vol. 5: Dedicated to the Ones I Love

You might want to switch out your pajama pants for bell bottoms for this one. The fifth installment of our Quarantunes series comes from copywriter/disco cowgirl, Sarah C., a card-carrying member of the San Francisco Disco Preservation Society. Dedicated to the Ones I Love mixes a little Bowie and a lot of disco for maximum blues-busting power.

Sylvester • David Bowie • The Mamas & The Papas • Sly & the Family Stone • Bee Gees • Carol Douglas • Robyn • Fleetwood Mac • Carole King • Chicago

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Quarantunes, Vol. 4: The Only Prescription

It’s not FDA-approved, but design director/master of mosh pits André C. swears by The Only Prescription—his go-to cure for symptoms associated with overwork, underwork, nonwork-related housework and “the Mondays.” Side effects of the fourth installment of our Quarantunes playlist series may include moshing, skanking and pogoing.

The Kinks • Hüsker Dü • Plastic Bertrand • Buzzcocks • Iggy Pop • Elvis Costello • Pink Floyd • Beastie Boys • Van Halen • The Cramps

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Quarantunes, Vol. 3: Party-in-Place

Quarantunes, Vol. 3 comes to you straight from the mind of our account manager/DJ-in-training, Sarah W. (aka Swags). A synthy indie pop mix chock-full of MTV classics, this undercover dance party dares you to stay seated. Warning: May contain trace amounts of Hall & Oates.

Elton John • Talking Heads • Blondie • Pet Shop Boys • LCD Soundsystem • Queen • Blondie • CHVRCHES • Vampire Weekend • Arcade Fire

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Quarantunes, Vol. 2: Working From the Far

Working From the Far, the second installment in our Quarantunes series, celebrates our eclectic spirit with a collection that moves from Afropop to vocal jazz to soul to indie rock without picking up the needle. Our creative strategist/crate digger Jack gives you four straight hours of head-bobbing, fist-pumping, finger-snapping goodness. Best consumed in order.

Tame Impala • James Brown • KAYTRANADA • Gil Scott-Heron • Miles Davis • Leon Bridges • Santana • The Internet • Toro y Moi • Radiohead

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Quarantunes, Vol. 1: LoFi-G

A collection of lo-fi hip-hop and chill beats for the kitchen table, sofa or wherever you’re working from, LoFi-G is all about chill beats that bring the background to the fore. “It’s straight out of a rainy, back-alley Tokyo night,” says full-time design director, part-time mosh pit connoisseur André.

Nujabes • Fat Jon • Kenichiro Nishihara • Ta-ku • Uyama Hiroto • Blazo • Funky DL • Nomak • Freddie Joachim • Sweet Medicine

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