Gershoni teamed with Yerdle to bring their revolutionary platform to a national audience with a clear story, fresh identity and nimble toolkit.
Screen Shot 2019 09 19 at 4 13 30 PM
Gershoni_Case Study_Yerdle poster
Yerdle logo. It is a blue box on a salmon background.
9 photos of people selling items on Yerdle arranged in a grid pattern.
Many color combinations for the Yerdle logo laid out in a grid.
Mock-up of 4 cellphones opened to the Yerdle app. The images instruct how to sell on Yerdle.
Out-of-focus photo of an assortment of items, including a tripod, a ukulele and a camera. The Yerdle logo is superimposed over the photo.

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A woman poses wearing brown jeans and a fur vest. The Threadsuite logo is in the lower right corner.
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Mock-up of a Curbside delivery vehicle next to a Target.
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