Banner for Dyslexic Design Thinking, made up of red, green, yellow and blue squares, each with a design of an open eye.
Gil Gershoni explores the benefits of applying the dyslexic mindset to creative problem-solving

Banner for the Bigger Picture With Amazing Dyslexics, made up of 16 photos of Amazing Dyslexics taken from the book.
The Bigger Picture With Amazing Dyslexics

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What is Dyslexic Design Thinking?

An abstract collage of colorful shapes, black ink and Gil Gershoni's face, representing the process of visualization.
The Power of Visualizing as a Tool for Creativity

Portrait of Gil Gershoni and April Durrett for their lecture on Dyslexic Design Thinking at South By Southwest.
Gil Gershoni and April Durrett introduce Austin's annual conference to Dyslexic Design Thinking

Screenshot of 4 Gershoni team members holding random objects to the camera as part of the Creative Intervention series.
Solve Team Work-From-Home Stress with Dyslexic Design Thinking

Screengrab from an AdForm interview with Amy Gershoni. She has short, dark hair and red lipstick.
Hear what it sounds like when our studio shelters in your place

Gil Gershoni seated, surrounded by six people in conversation. The Dyslexic Experience logo is in the lower corner.
A salon series dedicated to the unique advantages of the dyslexic mindset

Poster from the museum exhibit Are We There Yet? at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, curated by Gil Gershoni and Ken Goldberg.
Are We There Yet?: 5,000 years of answering questions with questions

Wall in the offices of Gershoni Creative covered in papers that read, "i am me!" "read between the clues" and "fuck feelings.
I Was Always Told My Dyslexia Was a Disability. Then I Developed a Relationship With It.

A pile of polaroid photos stacked on top of one another showing the Gershoni team in various states of work and play.
How Leading With Neurodiversity Improves the Workplace Dance

Distorted photograph of Gil Gershoni taken in a mirror.
The Truth About Big-Picture Thinkers

A bright red vinyl record next to a blue and black cover. The text on the center of the vinyl reads, "Quarantunes, vol. 2."
Working From the Far: Afropop, vocal jazz and indie rock—oh my

A woman in a black dress with a pattern of peaches sings alongside a big brass band.
An evening of music, wine & damn-fine folk

Mock-up of a cellphone browser opened to a Wired article titled, "How Technology Helped Me Cheat Dyslexia."
How Technology Helped Me Cheat Dyslexia

A yellow vinyl record with an orange sleeve styled to look like a desert sky. It reads, "Sky So Big."
Sky So Big: A little ol’ playlist for Big Sky Country

An illustration of a night sky with drawings meant to look like constellations, including a hamburger and a smiley-face.
Dyslexic Entrepreneurs Are Successful By Any Measure. It's All in the Way We Think.

A red CD case with a white woman's face on the front. On the side it reads "Party-in-Place."
Party-in-Place: Because the '80s weren't enough as it is

Screengrab from an AdForm interview with Amy Gershoni. She has short, dark hair and red lipstick.
Amy Gershoni & How to Inspire the Next Gen of Female Leaders

Blue vinyl record cover with a red rollerskate on the front. In 70s lettering, it reads, "Dedicated to the Ones I Love."
Dedicated to the Ones I Love: Disco ball not included

Red and white vinyl sleeve sheathed in plastic, reading, "Quarantunes, vol. 1: Lo-fi G."
LoFi-G: Chill beats for working—or studying, or baking

Vinyl sleeve made out of an iridescent silver material, with the words "Running on a Dream" sprawled across the bottom.
Running on a Dream: Find your work(out)-from-home rhythm

Pink vinyl sleeve dotted with red chile peppers on a tile background. The sleeve reads, "Keep calm and cook on."
Keep Calm and Cook On: Spicy tunes to bring out your inner home chef

Mock-up of a DigiDay article titled "I'm just wired differently: Why advertising seems to have so many people with dyslexia."
"I'm Just Wired Differently": Why Advertising Seems to Have So Many People With Dyslexia

Black and white CD cover of a smiling Black woman surrounded by flowers. It reads "Pop Escape."
Pop Escape: Free Britney and go Gaga

A group of white women seated in a circle at Gershoni's 50/50 event for women in power.
The past, present and future of women and power, hosted by Amy Gershoni and Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Webby awards co-founder Tiffany Shlain

Yellow and purple cassette tape with a punk woman on the front. Text on the side reads, "The Only Prescription."
The Only Prescription: Punk rock for moshing alone in your room

One of the walls of Gershoni Creative with a photograph of a cityscape projected onto the walls and ceiling.
Transforming a century-old San Francisco landmark dome into a pinhole camera

Gil Gershoni giving a lecture on Dyslexic Design Thinking. The DDT logo is in the lower left corner of the image.
An Evening of Wine, Dyslexic Design Thinking and a Tour of Gershoni Creative

A ripped vinyl sleeve with the words, "It's Only Temporary" repeated across the front.
It's Only Temporary: The antidote for a life on repeat

Screengrab from an AdForm interview with Gil Gershoni. He is wearing a dark suit and eyeglasses.
Gershoni Creative Co-Founder Gil Gershoni Talks Culture & Success

Neon green vinyl record with a pink sleeve. In plush, cheetah print lettering, it reads, "Dirty Dirty."
Dirty Dirty: It’s self-explanatory