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Gil Gershoni explores the benefits of applying the dyslexic mindset to creative problem-solving

Sixteen portraits of Amazing Dyslexics taken from The Bigger Picture Book of Amazing Dyslexics and the Jobs They Do.
The Bigger Picture With Amazing Dyslexics

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The Truth About Big-Picture Thinkers

Gershoni Website DDT Article Power of Visualizing Thumb 750x533 v0 ak
The Power of Visualizing as a Tool for Creativity

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Gil Gershoni and April Durrett introduce Austin's annual conference to Dyslexic Design Thinking

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Solve Team Work-From-Home Stress with Dyslexic Design Thinking

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Hear what it sounds like when our studio shelters in your place

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A salon series dedicated to the unique advantages of the dyslexic mindset

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Are We There Yet?: 5,000 years of answering questions with questions

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I Was Always Told My Dyslexia Was a Disability. Then I Developed a Relationship With It.

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How Leading With Neurodiversity Improves the Workplace Dance

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Working From the Far: Afropop, vocal jazz and indie rock—oh my

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An evening of music, wine & damn-fine folk

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How Technology Helped Me Cheat Dyslexia

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Dyslexic Entrepreneurs Are Successful By Any Measure. It's All in the Way We Think.

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Party-in-Place: Because the '80s weren't enough as it is

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Amy Gershoni & How to Inspire the Next Gen of Female Leaders

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LoFi-G: Chill beats for working—or studying, or baking

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"I'm Just Wired Differently": Why Advertising Seems to Have So Many People With Dyslexia

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The past, present and future of women and power, hosted by Amy Gershoni and Emmy-nominated filmmaker and Webby awards co-founder Tiffany Shlain

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The Only Prescription: Punk rock for moshing alone in your room

Dome Obscura Thumb
Transforming a century-old San Francisco landmark dome into a pinhole camera

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An Evening of Wine, Dyslexic Design Thinking and a Tour of Gershoni Creative

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Gershoni Creative Co-Founder Gil Gershoni Talks Culture & Success

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Dedicated to the Ones I Love: Disco ball not included

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It's Only Temporary: The antidote for a life on repeat

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Sky So Big: A little ol’ playlist for Big Sky Country

Quarantunes Thumb Vol8 062620
Dirty Dirty: It’s self-explanatory

Quarantunes Thumb Vol9 070720
Pop Escape: Free Britney and go Gaga

Quarantunes Vol 11 Thumb 080320
Keep Calm and Cook On: Spicy tunes to bring out your inner home chef

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Running on a Dream: Find your work(out)-from-home rhythm